Landshut October 14 – December 9 2016

I am invited by Kontur.Kunstverein Stuttgart to show my eight Amazons in Landshut near Munich in Germany later this year. Only problem is until recently I only had six Amazons.

Amazon Encouraged by a Rat 2016

Just finished one and working on the last one before the pick up in June. This Amazon has a stone in her hand and a rat on her Phrygian helmet to cheer her on and encourage her!


 ‘Dreams and Fears’ – Kontur. Kunstverein Stüttgart 2017

Got a small group of dogs together so far.  Here are two of them. Hoping to carve at least 10, hopefully more, to make a respectable and sinister pack for the Stuttgart exhibition in Germany next year. 

The installation is about our attempts to control nature, our interventions produce so many breeds and not all of them in the dogs’ best interests. When they all get together they exhibit pack-behaviour inherited from their wolf ancestors. Beware, they may look cute but …


‘Dreams and Fears’